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The vehicle, named Laima, had a 9.5-foot wingspan and a 1-hp single-cylinder modified Enya model airplane engine.
Turntable speed is 3 rpm with a 1-hp 460/3/60 gear motor.
To facilitate chemical mixing, 1-hp mechanical mixers will be provided at the existing and new chlorine contact basins.
By 1887, Ransom bought out his brother's share and assembled a three-wheeled vehicle powered by a 1-hp Olds-made steam engine.
A 1-hp pump generates the psi through a hand-held, adjustable spray nozzle and strips deposits from intricate passages, including blind holes.
With a 1-HP motor, HVLS fans offer a relatively inexpensive and efficient way to destratify the air, by bringing the heat down from a plant's upper reaches to mix with cooler floor-temperature air.
The quiet unit features automatic on/off, auto reverse, audible and visual operator indication for bag full and overfeed, as well as a powerful 1-hp continuous-duty motor, all housed in an attractive wooden cabinet on casters.
The 12kW installed in Nichrome wire elements heat the workspace, while a 1000 CFM, 1-HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow across the workload.
Its many advantages include: a 1-HP, 110-V AC vacuum motor enclosed in a soundproof shroud; corrosion-free, stainless steel loader body mounted on a small JIT stainless steel machine hopper; compact control; a snap-on lid that provides easy access; and large discharge dump areas that eliminate material bridging.
The 1-hp ice eater (115- or 230-volt) keeps water open and comes with either a 100-, 150- or 200-foot power cord, extending your season while everyone else is locked out.