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Table 5--Emissions to Water Emissions /1000 [m.sup.2] Painted BIW Wastewater to WWTP (NPRI reportable + non -reportable) 21 To Water (NPRI reportable compounds) Wastewater to WWTP: Glycol ethers 179 Mn compounds 19 Zn compounds 19 Nitrate compounds 169 Phosphorus 826 1-Methoxy-2-propanol 53 Total reportable compounds to water 1264
Table 6--Solid Emissions Emissions /1000 [m.sub.2] Painted BIW Sludge to landfill (NPRI reportable + non-reportable) 828 Sludge to landfill (NPRI reportable) Glycol Ethers 0.07 Mn compounds 83 Zn compounds 0.07 Phosphorus 0.33 1-Methoxy-2-propanol 0.02 Glycol ethers 0.08 Total reportable compounds to land (sludge) 83 Filters to landfill (NPRI reportable) (a) Mn compounds 2.84 (b) Zn compounds 9.11 (c) Phosphorus 0.05 Total reportable compounds to land (filters) 12 Non-Reportable Metals Emissions Copper compounds 46