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1-U1-Unit (1.75 Inches of rack mounting height)
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The 1-unit Eleven will rise next to the late Jim Stantons 375-unit Legacy condominium complex under construction at 1240 S.
An 1-unit North Portland apartment building has sold for nearly $3.
A $5,214,680 first lien mortgage for the refinance of a 1-unit single tenant on Veterans Memorial Hwy in Islandia, NY.
5-unit versus 1-unit increments) for people who take relatively small doses ([less than or equal to] 30 units at meal times) of Humalog U-100 (insulin lispro injection 100 units/ml).
Dixon and her associates found that "each 1-unit increment in the ASI-3 social subscale score was associated with a 12.
11), evaluated AINRs after 1-unit FFP transfusions in patients with minimally increased INR (in these studies, the pre-transfusion INRs were 1.
In the adjusted model, each 1-unit natural logarithm increase in triglycerides corresponded with a 6% rise in the 22-year risk of all-cause mortality (P = .
Outage is due to the relocation of 1-unit 15kV distribution line pole at Barangay Sepung Calzada," TEI said.
Following this logic, it means that each 1-unit increase in the liking score of President Basescu is theoretically reflected in a higher probability of a vote for ARD and a lower one for the USL.
Table 2 displays higher hazard ratios (HRs) for death for each 1-unit increment of ln(cardiac biomarkers) in multivariable analysis among women compared with men: HR 2.
03 for a 1-unit increase in ln-transformed urine cotinine concentration; p = 0.
The pen doses in 1-unit increments, from 1 to 80 units and is compatible with the NovoFine and NovoTwist needles.