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1-U1-Unit (1.75 Inches of rack mounting height)
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57) Associations (B coefficients) are with 1-unit increase in ln-transformed urine cotinine concentrations.
Each 1-unit increase in MIR210 was as sociated in this cohort with a 2.
Table 5 shows Kendall's [tau], a nonparametric measure of association (Conover 1999) between the trading efficiencies of Table 3 and the relative 1-unit activity measures described above, by institution.
The line includes a 19-unit, 2-unit or 1-unit chassis; and fiber-to-copper and multimode-to-single-mode fiber converters for Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps), 10/100 ethernet, standard ethernet (10 Mbps), and AT OC-3 and OC-12.
For example, if two questions are perfectly correlated, then a 1-unit change in one item is expected to correspond with a 1-unit change in the second item.
A turnkey booth package is available for both 1-unit (3x3m) booth and 2-unit (3x6m) booth configurations.
1-unit home : $417,000 -- 2-unit home : $533,850 -- 3-unit home : $645,300 -- 4-unit home : $801,950
Furthermore, each 1-unit increase in a previously developed 9-point score that measured the degree to which a subject followed a Mediterranean-style diet (the MeDi score) was associated with a 17% reduction in CKD risk (OR, 0.
Overseas-acquired DF cases increased by 1% in association with either a 1-mm increase in average monthly rainfall or a 1-unit increase in average socioeconomic index.
However, in a multivariate model, each 1-nmol/L increase in total vitamin D level was associated with a 5% reduction in the odds of preeclampsia, whereas each 1-unit increase in the sFlt-1:PlGF ratio was associated with an 11% increase in the odds.
A 1-unit within-pair absolute difference in the diet score was associated with a 9% (95% CI, 4.
5 Housing starts (thousands of units): Total 1,705 1,848 1,742 1-unit structures 1,359 1,499 1,393 New 1-family houses sold (thousands of units) 973 1,086 1,008 Manufacturing and trade, inventories and sales (millions of dollars, monthly data seasonally adjusted) (4) Inventories: Total manufacturing and trade 1,176,307 Manufacturing 445,180 Retail trade 440,251 Merchant wholesalers 290,876 Sales: Total manufacturing and trade 9,864,160 10,283,973 849,138 Manufacturing 3,691,753 3,999,124 330,764 Retail trade 3,230,122 3,399,544 278,832 Merchant wholesalers 2,742,285 2,885,305 239,542 Inventory-sales ratio: Total manufacturing and trade 1.