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Focal depth of the quake was 10 kilometer and its epicenter was 17 kilometer northeast of Nawabshah.
with the epicenter measured 8 kilometers north of Pohang at a depth of 10 kilometers.
The United States Geological Survey (USGS), which monitors earthquakes, said that the strong quake was very shallow - only 10 kilometers below the seabed - and located off the southwestern coastal city of Marmaris in the Mugla province of Turkey.
It was located 10 kilometers north or 38 degrees west of Abra de Ilog in Occidental Mindoro.
1) On average, married women who reported giving birth within the past three years lived seven kilometers by road from the nearest health facility offering delivery care; the average distance ranged from five kilometers among the wealthiest women to 10 kilometers among the poorest.
Kansai airport in Osaka Prefecture will host a set of running events ranging from 1 to 10 kilometers in distance on its brand-new runway in May, the Kansai International Airport Co.
Every once in a while, however, several million of the insects get together and form into a broad column that can be up to 10 kilometers long.
Some seismologists are not convinced: Leonardo Seeber, of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in New York, says that Taipei's earthquakes are focused 10 kilometers (6 miles) underground.