10-15Message Delivered (police code)
10-15Have Prisoner in Vehicle (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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The International Space Station (ISS) will house modules for space tourists in 10-15 years, the head of Russia's Roscosmos Federal Space Agency said Monday.
Eisteddfod Chief Executive, Elfed Roberts, said: "The recent research project looking at the provision for young people was very useful and we'll be using a similar approach when looking at the provision for 10-15 year olds.
To explore whether clinicians who provide reproductive health care to young female patients should screen them for abuse and exposure to violence, the researcher conducted a cross-sectional analysis of several Alaskan databases: a data file of all females who were enrolled in Medicaid at any point in 1999-2003 and who were 10-15 years old on December 31 of any study year; a database of all females in that age-group who were referred to the state's child protective services unit for investigation of physical or sexual abuse by a primary caregiver in 1999-2003; a similar database for referrals to the state's juvenile justice system; and a database of births to Alaskan residents.
28 Chili's Grill & Bar Varied Menu 10-15 3,029,516 11.
George Gorski and James Collins beat David Tebbs and Clive Lodge 15-13 8-15 15-10, Carl Simpson and Matt Evans beat Suresh Chari and Richard Wilson 15-10 15-17 15-3, Gorski and Evans beat Tebbs and Wilson 11-15 15-10 15-7, Simpson and Collins lost to Chari and Wilson 10-15 13-15, Evans and Collins beat Wilson and Lodge 15-6 15-10, Gorski and Simpson beat Tebbs and Chari 6-15 15-6 15-11.
Tanner & Porter lost to Poniznik & Jeffries 10-15, 6-15; McGill & Young lost to Kemp & Potts 13-15, 11-15; Porter & Bailey lost to Andrew & Douglas 6-15, 17-14, 4-15.
Compared with pre- and post-policy physician prescribing patterns, pharmacists provided 10-15 and 16-24 year olds EC more frequently on weekends.
To inquire about the Third Annual Ski Challenge, January 10-15, 2001, at Vail Cascade Hotel & Club Resort in Colorado, call 800-209-7229.
PowerLift Glute/Ham/Low Back Extensions: 10-15 reps.
Nasdaq: AZPN), today announced that a ground-breaking software portfolio for Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) in the oil & gas industry will be unveiled at AspenWorld 2004, October 10-15, 2004, in Orlando, Florida.
Whenever we go to Quartz Hill, it's always 10-15 degrees cooler and 10-15 mph more windy.
Pharmaceuticals Industry Leaders to Discuss New Ways to Improve Operational Performance and Achieve Compliance in Orlando, Florida, October 10-15, 2004