10-19In Contact With (police code)
10-19Return to Station (police code)
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39 per million, and the death rate among youths aged 10-19 years decreased 52%, from 3.
The trends for diabetes death rates for youths aged <10 years and youths aged 10-19 years indicate different patterns of decrease (Figure).
Possible reasons for the reduction in diabetes-related deaths among persons aged <10 years since 1968-1969 and among persons aged 10-19 years from 1968-1969 to 1986-1986 include improved diabetes care and treatment, (e.
Among the 7,991 (83%) persons aged 10-19 years whose race was reported, 7,549 (95%) were white and 265 (3%) were black.
Of 9,609 persons aged 10-19 years with reported pertussis, 116 (1%) of 8,286 for whom information was provided were hospitalized, 148 (2%) of 7,560 had radiographically confirmed pneumonia, and 20 (0.
Compared with other age groups, the greatest number of reported cases was among persons aged 10-19 years.
As a consequence, there have been demands for inlets priced at 10-19 yen; a level that would not cause price increases even in necessaries, to expedite the acceptance of RFID tags among manufacturers.
As a result these innovations, the cost of this inlet is only around 10-19 yen, and reduced from one-third to one-tenth compared with conventional RFID inlets.
The use of an antenna already printed onto the circuit board for reading the mu-Chip's ID number removes the need for a base film, yielding an inlet costing a low 10-19 yen per unit.
During 1980-1995, a total of 3030 blacks aged 10-19 years committed suicide in the United States.
Among blacks and whites aged 10-19 years, the suicide rate increased most for blacks aged 10-14 years (233%), compared with a 120% increase for whites (Figure 1).
Nero couldn't sing and Augustus couldn't dance, but when the Latin rhythms of Gloria Estefan take over The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, October 10-19, the entire Roman Empire is sure to shake.