10-19In Contact With (police code)
10-19Return to Station (police code)
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From trailing 10-19 in the opening set, F2 Logistics unloaded a 12-2 run capped by Aby Marano's back-to-back aces.
The death rate among youths aged <10 years decreased 78%, from 1.80 per million to 0.39 per million, and the death rate among youths aged 10-19 years decreased 52%, from 3.56 per million to 1.71 per million.
The trends for diabetes death rates for youths aged <10 years and youths aged 10-19 years indicate different patterns of decrease (Figure).
Possible reasons for the reduction in diabetes-related deaths among persons aged <10 years since 1968-1969 and among persons aged 10-19 years from 1968-1969 to 1986-1986 include improved diabetes care and treatment, (e.g., improved technology for blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration, such as insulin pumps) and increased awareness of diabetes symptoms, possibly resulting in earlier recognition and treatment.
A study in the September issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association found that, based on the 1996-2003 trend of declining youth suicide rates, there were an estimated 326 "excess" suicide deaths--or deaths beyond what experts had expected--among youth ages 10-19 in 2004 and 292 such excess suicide deaths among that age group in 2005.
Barnardo's will run a project to enable young carers aged 10-19 years living in Flintshire to participate in residential activities with a grant of pounds 5,000.
Among 28,923 (99.7%) persons with pertussis for whom age was reported, 6,608 (23%) were aged <1 year (including 5,872 aged <6 months), 3,353 (12%) were aged 1-4 years, 2,553 (9%) were aged 5-9 years, 9,609 (33%) were aged 10-19 years, and 6,800 (23%) were aged [greater than or equal to] 20 years (Figure 1).
Of these, 21,597 (90%) were white, 1,621 (7%) were black, 288 (1%) were American Indian/Alaska Native, 337 (1%) were Asian/Pacific Islander, and 181 (1%) were identified as "other race." Among the 7,991 (83%) persons aged 10-19 years whose race was reported, 7,549 (95%) were white and 265 (3%) were black.
Of 9,609 persons aged 10-19 years with reported pertussis, 116 (1%) of 8,286 for whom information was provided were hospitalized, 148 (2%) of 7,560 had radiographically confirmed pneumonia, and 20 (0.2%) of 8,543 reported seizures as a complication of pertussis.
During 1980-1995, a total of 3030 blacks aged 10-19 years committed suicide in the United States.
Among blacks and whites aged 10-19 years, the suicide rate increased most for blacks aged 10-14 years (233%), compared with a 120% increase for whites (Figure 1).
Firearms use was the predominant method of suicide for blacks aged 10-19 years, accounting for 66% of suicides in this group.