10-20Location (police, ham, CB radio code)
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Organizations like The 10-20 Club play an integral role in the community by investing in our most important resource, the youth of the community.
Knock `em dead in this scoop neck tweed jacket, sizes10-20, pounds 49, and rouched tweed skirt, sizes 10-20, priced pounds 25.
While we normally allot a minimum of 3-5 minutes for warm-up, we sometimes perform 10-20 minutes of warm-up activities prior to stretching.
Moore's Law states that the number of transistors that can be packed on a chip doubles every 18 months, but many scientists expect that within 10-20 years, silicon will reach its physical limits, halting the ability to pack more transistors on a chip.
PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth Portfolio (PWB) will open with strike prices of 10-20 with one-point increments and position limits of 1,350,000 shares.
During: Drink 28-40 oz of fluid per hour of play (at least 7-10 oz every 10-20 minutes).
Half of the 304 surveyed companies reported year-over-year increases of 10-20 percent, while almost one tenth of small businesses surveyed reported increases of 30 percent or more.
More than half of the medium accounts (53 percent) experienced declines in premiums of 1-10 percent, with 25 percent more down 10-20 percent.
The system also can lower furnace fuel requirements by 10-20 percent and can lower oxy-fuel furnace oxygen requirements by 10-20 percent.
If there are 10-20 million disks out there with the technology on them, that's almost 10-20 million potential purchasers who are just a button push away from Metrotainment(tm) and they will be seeing the site each time they play their favorite music and music videos on their computers.
NTI, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, manufacturers low to mid-volume PCBs with 10-20 day lead times.