10-23Stand-By (police code)
10-23Arrived At Scene (police code)
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Placings: Salty A 10-28, P Alice 10-23, Rileys 10-23, Huntsman B 9-23.
On Monday 10-23 at 8:00 AM, coalition representatives including business leaders, community activists, and city, county, and state officials will be at the Shady Grove Metro station to officially announce their campaign support for the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT), an extension of the Metro's Red Line that goes from Shady Grove to Clarksburg.
Trax reports that its two previously announced discoveries at Morinville, Alberta, Trax et al Morinville 10-23 and Trax Morinville 12-23-54-26 W4 have been put on production at a combined rate of 220 barrels of 34 degree oil per day.