10-55Drunk Driver (Police Code)
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The Pulsair 10-55 Tote Stick is the fastest, lightest and most powerful IBC tote mixer agitator and we are pleased to offer the fastest shipping options as well," said Dick Parks, president of Pulsair Systems.
The 10-55 Tote-Stick is manufactured with high quality stainless steel components and continues to be the number one choice for customers who need to quickly and safely agitate heavier sediment off the tote bottom, out of the corners and back up into the rest of the liquid to achieve a uniform and homogenous state.
The onsite sales center is located at 10-55 47th Avenue at 11th Street.
Most demand for broadband services will fall within the bandwidth ranges of 2-10 Mbp/s, 10-55 Mbp/s, 55 Mbp/s and above and originate from medium to small businesses, large businesses, SOHO and home customers.
Teenager Smith put on 81 for the fifth wicket with Attur Rehman (26) before being joined by Aussie import Nick Jewitt who added 33 to give the relieved Hall a respectable 161 all out in the 39th over as record-breaking Patel completed his full house - 10-55 off 19.
Le ravisseur, un jeune homme de 19 ans, a ete interpelle grace au concours de citoyens via le numero vert 10-55, a-t-on ajoute de meme source.
Section I - Golcar Lib played 10, 58pts; Newsome WMC 10-56, Marsh U A 10-55, Milnsbridge A 10-54, Lindley Lib A 10-54, Brockholes A 10-50, Syngenta 10-49, Waterloo 10-45, Almondbury Lib A 10-36, Netherton Con 10-29, Kirkheaton A 10-26, Meltham A 10-26.