10-61Suspece has record - not currently wanted (Canadian police radio code)
10-61Return to X Location (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Contract awarded for Recreation zone on the site of the warsaw campus between the building (10-61) department w-23 and building.
The subject of the order is the recreation zone at the warszawska campus between the building (10-61) the w-23 department, and the building (10-11) magazyn w-19, politechnika krakowska, ul.
Section IV: Brockholes B 11-63, Marsden Park 10-61, Bradley and Colne 10-57, David Brown Sports 10-55, Hudds RUFC 11-55, Holmfirth B 11-49, Dalton 11-47, Canalside B 10-46, Meltham C 9-41, Elland CBC B 11-40, Outlane 8-36, Marsh U B 9-33, Denby Dale 10-31, Lindley BC B 11-25.