10-75Evidence Technician Needed (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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compound feed kr-1 (or equivalent) for young cattle 10-75 days (the requirements for the composition are specified in the documentation for the purchase of feed) 60 t, 65 300 byn
As per the report, about 90 Lakh women in the age group of 10-75 years use alcohol, 40 Lakh use Cannabis and 20 Lakh use Opioids.
compound feed for calves kr-1 (kdk-1) (10-75 days) with delivery.
Request for quotations : Purchase of a premix of fodder concentrated pkk pkr-1 for calves at the age of 10-75 days according to stb 1079-97
Feed for calves (age 10-75 days) 84 000 kg, 72 000 byn