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For those who drink, the American Heart Association recommends an average of one to two drinks per day for men, and one drink per day for women (one 12-ounce beer, 4 ounces of wine, 1 ounce of 100 proof spirits).
Cindy Hochman is the president of "100 Proof" Copyediting Services and the editor-in-chief of the online poetry journal First Literary Review-East.
The drinks menu touts that the restaurant serves Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium 100 proof whiskey but thinking that might be a tad strong, I inquired about wine.
If a liquor is 100 proof, how much alcohol does it contain by 10.
RECIPE: THE HARRY HAY Honoring Harry's formative years in downtown Los Angeles's gay bars of the '30sand '40s--and his noted love of whiskey--McKechnie's Harry Hay mixes 100 proof straight rye whiskey, vermouth, bitters, and maraschino cherry liqueur.
SMALL BATCH: Ablend barrels around seven years old, this bourbon is Bottled in Bond at 100 proof. The nose gives up butterscotch, oak, vanilla, and dried fruit, while vanilla and oak shine on the palate.
The company launched in May, founded by Tony Breeden and Josh Breeden, brothers who had worked together on an earlier Tony Breeden enterprise, Ole Smoky Moonshine, a company whose 100 proof, 100% legal liquor was packaged in mason jars and sold in 32 states.
Distilled spirits below 100 proof (50% alcohol) are taxed at $3.30 a gallon.
As a national spirits supplier and acquirer, innovator and marketer of alcohol beverage brands, Milestone Brands' portfolio includes Dulce Vida Spirits, parent company of 100 proof, A certified organic tequila, and American Born Moonshine, a family of moonshine whiskey products that honors the tradition and spirit of American moonshiners.
Pure spring water from the nearby Sikhote-Alin Mountains is used to render the vodka to 80 proof Black Leopard Vodka is the 100 proof version.
In the meantime, they took advantage of a Prohibition loophole that allowed doctors, dentists, and veterinarians to prescribe up to one pint of 100 proof spirits every ten days.
"It must have been aged in a federally bonded warehouse for at least four years and bottled at a full 100 proof."