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1000BaseLXGigabit Ethernet, Fiber, Long Haul, Multimode
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IMAP ECHNLOGIAS ETHERNET Velocidad de Tipo Distancia Technologia Transimision de cable maxima 10Base2 10 Mbps coaxial 185 m 10BaseT 10 Mbps par trenzado 100 m 10BaseF 10 Mbps fibra optica 2000 m 100BaseT4 100Mbps par trenzado (categoria 3UTP) 100 m 100BaseTX 100Mbps par trenzado (categoria 3UTP) 100 m 100BaseFX 100Mbps fibra optica 2000 m 1000BaseT 1000Mbps 4 pares trenzado 100 m (categoria 5UTP) 1000BaseSX 1000Mbps fibra optica (multimodo) 550 m 1000BaseLX 1000Mbps fibra optica (monomodo) 5000 m
The air-cooled version supports either single or dual 10/100/1000BaseTX using standard RJ-45 connectors or optical 1000BaseLX interfaces with LC-type fiber connectors.
It has 48 10/100 ports and up to two Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports, it also features either 1000BaseSX or 1000BaseLX Gigabit uplink options and an auto-sensing 100-240 V AC power supply.