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1000BaseLXGigabit Ethernet, Fiber, Long Haul, Multimode
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Support for 4 modular SFP ports on both switches allows them to connect up to 4 1000BaseSX or 4 1000BaseLX connections for either trunked Gigabit Ethernet connections to the core or for aggregating remote wiring closets or buildings via fiber.
Model Number PMC Description PMC-GIGABIT-ST3 1 copper Gigabit Ethernet interface; 1000BaseT PMC-GBIT-SF2A 1 LC multi-mode 850nm transceiver; 1000BaseSX PMC-GBIT-SF2B 1 LC single-mode 1300nm transceiver; 1000BaseLX PMC-GBIT-SF2D 1 SC multi-mode 850nm transceiver; 1000BaseSX PMC-GBIT-SF2E 1 SC single-mode 1300nm transceiver; 1000BaseLX PMC-GIGABIT-DT2 2 copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces; 1000BaseT PMC-GBIT-DF2AA 2 LC multi-mode 850nm transceivers; 1000BaseSX PMC-GBIT-DF2BB 2 LC single-mode 1300nm transceivers; 1000BaseLX
S list price is $445 for each 1000BaseSX GBIC uplink and $995 for each 1000BaseLX GBIC uplink.
With 1000BaseSX or 1000BaseLX Gigabit uplink options, customers can extend the Gigabit Ethernet distance up to six kilometers.