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1000BaseT1000 Mbps network connection over twisted-pair copper wire
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The newest feature, the 1000BaseT (Gigabit) fiber SFP interface, supports fiber transport for alarm data.
15 PTMC sites, two 1000BaseT Ethernet uplinks, on-board Ethernet switching, additional front or rear access 10/100 or 1000BaseT Ethernet links and other powerful features, the iNAV 4000 incorporates the functionality aspects of existing multiple-board approaches--communications peripherals, general purpose single board computers and network processors--combining them into a single module.
N1000T Low Profile, 32/64 Bit PCI, 1000BaseT adapter for CAT 5 UTP, available in 30 days N1000G GBIC compliant adapter for single/multi-mode fiber or copper connection, available in 60 days
A fully featured single port Ethernet PHY supporting 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 1000BaseT Ethernet protocols, National's Gigabit Ethernet PHY core enables a cost effective, smooth integration migration path from existing fast Ethernet applications.
These performance levels demonstrate the ability to capture every packet on three fully saturated 1Gb networks with a combination of fiber and 1000BaseT topologies.