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100BASEFX100 Mbps Fast Ethernet over fiber optic cable (IEEE standard)
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Foundry's new JetCore based 100BaseFX modules will offer us secure, long-reach Fast Ethernet connectivity with the advanced features of Foundry's JetCore ASICs," said Jason Traden, network engineer at University of Utah.
Each of the 100BaseFX interface modules is one-slot wide and utilizes MTRJ connectors to provide superior port density in a small footprint.
Foundry's FastIron switches, equipped with 100BaseFX modules, allow enterprise customers long-reach 100 Mbps Ethernet for widespread campus connectivity.
The "Fast Ethernet" HF1001 Hardened Media Converter is a 100BaseTX STP to 100BaseFX fiber optic HDX/FDX 100 Mbps Ethernet media converter that is compliant with IEEE 802.
Cisco also introduced a new Cisco Catalyst 3550 24-port switch for 100BaseFX multimode fiber environments and a new 1000BaseT Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC).
The 100BaseFX outputs from the CURBswitch feed: a `business' with voice and data services through a 3M Volition Gateway; and a `home' with video, voice and data services using a Harmonic NIU, 3M Volition Gateway and a Fujitsu IP set-top box.
The new 100BaseFX interface modules complement the existing 100Base-FX module that support up to two kilometers over multimode fiber.
The new 100BaseFX modules allow Metro service providers to provide inter-POP (Point of Presence) broadband Ethernet connectivity over single mode fiber for long reach of up to 40 kilometers while taking advantage of the density and low cost of Fast Ethernet.
Standard GigaLink model protocols include: 100BaseFX at 100 Mbps, OC3 at 156 Mbps and OC12 at 622 Mbps.
In addition, the XpressIP 8022 offers multiple uplink options which include, HomePNA, 10/100Base-T, and 100BaseFX fiber.
Optional expansion slots can be used to add 10/100TX ports (four per expansion module) for up/downlinks; 100BaseFX ports (two per module) with SC, VF-45 or MT-RJ connectors; or Gigabit ports (1 per expansion module) in copper or in fiber -- SX or LX with SC or MT-RJ connectors.
Standard GigaLink model protocols include: 100BaseFX at 100 Mbps, OC3 at 156 Mbps and OC12 at 622 Mbps, making the family well suited for a variety of wireless communications applications.