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100BASEFX100 Mbps Fast Ethernet over fiber optic cable (IEEE standard)
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Foundry's new JetCore based 100BaseFX modules will offer us secure, long-reach Fast Ethernet connectivity with the advanced features of Foundry's JetCore ASICs," said Jason Traden, network engineer at University of Utah.
The "Fast Ethernet" HF1001 Hardened Media Converter is a 100BaseTX STP to 100BaseFX fiber optic HDX/FDX 100 Mbps Ethernet media converter that is compliant with IEEE 802.
Transition's new Optical Redundancy Option has two (2) fiber 100BaseFX ports and four (4) copper 10/100BaseTX ports.
The ML-IP is an Ethernet uplink module with up to 8 Mbps uplink capacity that can be ordered with either 10/100BaseT or 100BaseFx interfaces with 50-millisecond protection, and serves as the main link to the IP network.
Cisco also introduced a new Cisco Catalyst 3550 24-port switch for 100BaseFX multimode fiber environments and a new 1000BaseT Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC).
JetCore-based 100BaseFX Ethernet Interface Modules for Layer 3 Switches And Metro Routers Offer Extensive Reach and Security for Metro Access And Enterprise Campus & Desktop Connectivity
The 100BaseFX outputs from the CURBswitch feed: a `business' with voice and data services through a 3M Volition Gateway; and a `home' with video, voice and data services using a Harmonic NIU, 3M Volition Gateway and a Fujitsu IP set-top box.
The Company's Signamax(TM) Connectivity Networking Systems Group exhibited in the American Pavilion, and unveiled three exciting new networking solutions for use by Information Technology (IT) professionals worldwide: the Signamax Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Access Switch, the Signamax 100BaseFX Fast Ethernet Fiber Switch, and the Signamax 12-Port Fixed Media Converter.
The new 100BaseFX interface modules complement the existing 100Base-FX module that support up to two kilometers over multimode fiber.
The ECC provides high-speed communications via 10/100baseT or 100baseFX connections.
Standard GigaLink model protocols include: 100BaseFX at 100 Mbps, OC3 at 156 Mbps and OC12 at 622 Mbps.