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100BaseT100Mbps baseband data transmission over twisted-pair copper wire
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Completely digital, the VNC655 offers increased control and flexibility and communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network.
Today, 100baseT ("T" for "twisted-pair cable"), also called "fast Ethernet," is gaining popularity.
Linearized, scaled, and formatted data is transmitted to a host or network "master" using a variety of standard protocols over simple 2-wire RS-485 serial or 100baseT Ethernet networks over distances as great as 3 km.
Lenox also increased its network line capacity from 10BaseT to 100BaseT for faster internal file transfer.
Connect the tower, jukebox, or server to the scanner and viewing workstation with 100BaseT line to keep the data transfer times short.
There are four slots, three of them 64-bit PCI, and 100baseT Ethernet, USB and Firewire ports and support for Gigabit Ethernet.
Hubs are segmented via switch technology and interconnected through a 100BaseT backbone.
It will upgrade the METS-to-MGS OPI network from 10BaseT to a speedy 100BaseT connection.
Also making its debut at IBC2015 is the TDM750, a rack-mounted module for single-direction transport of HD-SDI and 100BaseT Ethernet signals.