100VG100 Voice Grade
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Another plus for 100VG is its ability to work with more kinds of installed cable.
HP's motivation was to support customers who have already deployed 100Base-T and who want to move parts of their network to 100VG without hurting their investment, according to Brice Clark, strategic planning manager for HP's Network Division in Roseville, Calif.
The AdvanceStack Switch 2000 is a modular switch with six slots for interconnecting a broad choice of industry-standard network-connectivity options, including 10Base-T, 10Base-FL, 100Base-T, 100VG, FDDI and, now, ATM.
HP's broad range of 100Mbps LAN solutions is unmatched in the industry, spanning 100Base-T and 100VG shared-media hubs and switches," said Diane Myers, senior analyst, In-Stat, a Scottsdale, Ariz.
4, 1997--Hewlett- Packard Company, a networking industry leader, today announced it has slashed prices to $1 per Mbit on its 100VG and 100Base-T offerings to provide customers with affordable, high-performance networking solutions.
HP AdvanceStack 100VG SNMP/Bridge and HP AdvanceStack hubs -- HP AdvanceStack 100Base-T-8TXE, HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7M, HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-14 and HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E -- are among the products whose prices have been reduced.
Its products include AdvanceStack 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 100VG hubs, AdvanceStack 10Base-T switching hubs, AdvanceStack 10/100Base-TX and 10/100VG switches, AdvanceStack routers and remote-access products, and OpenView network-management applications.