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101Switch Protocols (HTTP status code; request for server to change Net protocol)
101[not an acronym] Basic or Entry-Level
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Futterman and managing director Ariel Schuster represented 101 Warren Street in all negotiations.
Longtime Encino resident and activist Gerald Silver concurs - and believes the change may help the 101 freeway flow better if cars aren't braking for lane-changing drivers.
Attendees were able to choose two breakouts; Agency 101, Understanding Media Research and Planning, and How to Write a Marketing Plan.
Interpretation 101-3 under Rule 101, Independence, of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct provides authoritative guidance for members who are performing attest services.
The taxpayer stated that during the period it implemented SAB 101, there was a significant increase in sales as a result of an acquisition, a greater emphasis on customer testing of systems and a higher degree of tuning the systems to meet customer satisfaction.
Issued during the first week of December 1999, SAB 101 was scheduled to become effective for the first quarter of calendar 2000.
The individual stories in 101 Rent Boys are tragic, sad, graphic, outrageous, entertaining, and even funny--and still recount only a tiny fraction of the stories behind the hustling marketplace found on and around Los Angeles's Santa Monica Boulevard.
On Leg 101, they hoped to drill through these reflectors to see if they were indeed made of shallow-water carbonates; if such limestones of Cretaceous age were found under basins, the megabank idea would be supported.
Baune said she needed some encouragement, but after her Jeep 101 ride she was smiling.
101 provides specific guidance for auditing fair value measurements and disclosure, we recommend that auditors review their approaches to make sure they incorporate the statement's requirements.
101 (g) (1) provides that any amount received under a life insurance contract on the life of an insured who is terminally ill or chronically ill is treated as an amount paid by reason of the insured's death and excludible under Sec.