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10Base-T10Mbps baseband data transmission over twisted-pair copper wire
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Extending a 10Base-T network across a hub to a distant workstation with competitive solutions normally requires a straight-through line cord on one end and a reverse line cord on the other.
Another advantage of the 10Base-T design is its use of unshielded twisted-pair wiring (UTP), which is similar to telephone copper wiring, rather than coaxial cable, and which is more expensive and more difficult to install.
The Level 5 cabling runs met or exceeded requirements for reliable 10Base-T network operation.
One connector can also be configured as a Medium-Dependent Interface (MDI) to allow the Access Node to be easily cascaded to another 10BASE-T hub device, accommodating additional end stations.
3u-compatible10/100Mbps Ethernet PHY core that is capable of working in both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX/FX Ethernet.
The new hub comes with an Apple AUI Connector and four industry-standard RJ-45 connectors to easily connect devices such as Macintosh personal computers, PCs, Apple Workgroup Servers or ethernet-equipped laser printers using 10Base-T cabling to form convenient, ad-hoc networks.
One of the UTP ports is crossover-selectable, to connect to either another hub or to a standard 10Base-T node.
With flash memory for easy upgrades and automatic detection of 10Base-T or 100Base-T network segments, the ExtendNet 100d gives Extended Systems customers a "future-proof" upgrade path.