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10BaseT10Mbps baseband data transmission over twisted-pair copper wire
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The H101 Hardened Media Converter is a 10Base2 "ThinNet" to 10BaseT UTP 10 Mbps Ethernet media converter and is compliant with IEEE 802.
As single chip 10BaseT repeaters, these devices provide the industry's highest level of integration and enable low-cost router/hubs to incorporate RMON and SNMP management with minimal software modifications.
The ANET/Managed Basic Management software package enables the user to "GET" AUI Port status and Individual 10BaseT Port status pertaining to: Partitioning/Reconnection; Bit Error Rate; Link Test; Receiver Polarity and Jabber Lock Up timer status.
It features 12 Ethernet 10BaseT connections and one FDDI Single Attached Station (SAS) or Dual Attached Station (DAS).
FriendlyNET FH10T5-G 10BaseT Hub North American estimated street price (NA ESP) $39.
The SocketLink EA handles 10BaseT Ethernet and the SocketLink EA+ handles both 10BaseT and 10Base2 Ethernet.
Leveraging these two standards with the WebShare software allows multiple users to gain shared access to a single WireSpeed DSL modem with only the addition of a low-cost 10baseT Ethernet hub.
Because 100BaseVG operates on any grade of UTP from Category 3 (the most commonly used 10BaseT wiring) to Category 5, most users will not have to install new wiring to upgrade to fast Ethernet.
The ViaWay A406 is a Residential Gateway that supports up to six ATM outputs, plus it includes a 10BaseT output for fast Internet access.
The IDSL router, which provides an Ethernet 10BaseT connection for the subscriber, will be available in July with a list price of $595 for a single port 10BaseT unit and $695 for a four-port 10BaseT unit.
The Tsunami line includes the world's first license-exempt, fixed wireless Ethernet bridge providing 10BaseT and 100BaseT point-to-point connections at distances up to 50 miles.
The flexible design includes a built-in 10BaseT port and four option slots to accept one of the many Network Interface Modules, including SDSL, ADSL, 10BaseT Ethernet, USI (Universal Serial Interface), T1/E1 CSU/DSU, ATM25 and POTS.