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10BaseT10Mbps baseband data transmission over twisted-pair copper wire
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TABLE 1 INTERFACE CHARACTERISTICS RS232 Full duplex baud 19,200 (standard and user selectable 9,600, 38,400, 57,600) Databits 8 Stop bits 1 Parity none Flow control software Xon/Xoff or hardware RTS/CTS signaling Interface 9 pin D type socket LAN/Ethernet 10BaseT 10 MHz LAN TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol ARP Address Resolution Protocol ICMP PING FTP File Transfer Protocol Interface RJ45 connector with integral signaling LEDs USB Version Release 2.0 Interface USB-B type connector Milmega Ltd., Isle of Wight, UK +44 1983 618004, www.milmega.com.
10BaseT Ethernet is adequate for most faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, residence halls and general applications like spreadsheets and word processing.
For faster data access, it can also scale up to 10 Mbps because of the controller's 10BaseT Ethernet link, which consists of an on-chip MAC (IEEE802.3) and PHY interface.
A 10BaseT Ethernet port is available via the universal F Series port replicator.
The new headquarters is snaked through with miles of 10BaseT wiring and boasts fiber-optic capacity.
companies to migrate from 10BaseT and Ethernet to higher speed
It will upgrade the METS-to-MGS OPI network from 10BaseT to a speedy 100BaseT connection.
So, this week, I gave the Dell desktop and the IBM Thinkpad to my colleagues and I bought a Compaq LTE 5200 with an active matrix color monitor, 120 MHz Pentium processor, 1.35 gigabyte disk drive, a removable 4 speed CD ROM drive, a 28,800 baud fax-modem, a PCMCIA 10BaseT ethernet adapter, and 75 megabytes of RAM.
Frequently you may hear terms like "10baseT," "level 3," and "level 5" wiring.