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10GE10 Gigabit Ethernet
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Ethernet switching white box solutions provider Centec Networks and industry intelligent infrastructure products provider EmbedWay have introduced the ExSwitch6200/6300 series 10GE SDN white box solution, the companies said.
The new network is also based on Telco Systems' T-Metro 8001 10GE service aggregation platforms and T-Marc 3348S 10GE demarcation devices, providing KENET with certified CE 2.
Telco Systems' T-Marc 3348 was an ideal choice for upgrading the customer's existing set of 1GE carrier Ethernet optical rings used for mobile backhaul to higher capacity 10GE rings.
0 is a reverse gearbox for CDR applications that converts up to ten 10GE channels or a combination of 10GE and 40GE channels up to 100G, it said.
It added the Huawei ATN 950B is the world's first 10GE Cell Site Router (CSR) for LTE backhaul, strengthening the capabilities of Huawei's mobile broadband solutions and enabling carriers to deploy extra-large LTE networks whilst providing enhanced mobile data services for users.
It's expected that the pricing for the 40GE/100GE interfaces will follow the trends of Ethernet development that we've seen in historically from 10Mbps to 100Mbps to 1GE and 10GE," says Pereira.
These additional MEF certifications for our high density 10GE product lines demonstrate our continued commitment to support these customers with innovative, standards-based switching platforms.
In our experience, an OST rapidly characterizes a 10GE optical product's performance.
0 standards that aggregate a combination of 10GE and 40GE links, up to 100G total bandwidth, and converts that to a single 100GE (4x25G) link.
The Tektronix Iris family of products include the GeoProbe G10, a new high-speed 10GE probe; three new analyser applications; and a common platform that provides a single, integrated framework for current and future applications.
Hardware chip companies are struggling to lower down the power of 10GE copper solution.
Now with the addition of our S/UNI 1x10GE-XP, the XENON family of devices provides solutions spanning metro optical equipment to enterprise 10GE applications such as Ethernet switches and SAN host-bus adaptors.