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10GE10 Gigabit Ethernet
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0 standards that aggregate a combination of 10GE and 40GE links, up to 100G total bandwidth, and converts that to a single 100GE (4x25G) link.
The first of the newly certified devices, T-Metro 8001, is a 10GE high-density service aggregation device that provides Carrier Ethernet over both MPLS and Ethernet transport technologies with no need for additional licensing fees, and is integrated with massive service scalability and carrier-class resiliency.
NEW YORK, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The 10-Gbit/s Ethernet (10GE) sector is on track for significant growth this year, with lower prices for 10GE components and deployment of AdvancedTCA systems sparking a surge in demand from equipment makers, according to a major new report from Heavy Reading (http://www.
SCP-10GE - A switch control processor, this card has four GE SFP ports and two 10GE ports that support both SFP+ and XFP, as well as a 100 Gbps switching capacity
Smaller form factor, higher density and lower power consumption advantages offered by SFP+ will greatly accelerate the adoption of 10GE in high-performance, high density data center applications.
Customers with eye on 10GE technology and latest 4G Fibre Channel can combine the "best of breed" from two high-tech leaders enabling deployment of highest throughput storage for video editing and archive serving PC, MAC and Linux based workgroups," said Jerry Palace, Vice President of US Sales ADTX International Operations.
Both the advanced S12500 and S9500E core switching designs include NetLogic Microsystems' AEL2020 10GE PHY device that integrates a dual-channel SerDes transceiver with an integrated Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) engine that is compliant with IEEE 802.
0 is a reverse gearbox for CDR applications that converts up to ten 10GE channels or a combination of 10GE and 40GE channels up to 100G, it said.
It added the Huawei ATN 950B is the world's first 10GE Cell Site Router (CSR) for LTE backhaul, strengthening the capabilities of Huawei's mobile broadband solutions and enabling carriers to deploy extra-large LTE networks whilst providing enhanced mobile data services for users.
It's expected that the pricing for the 40GE/100GE interfaces will follow the trends of Ethernet development that we've seen in historically from 10Mbps to 100Mbps to 1GE and 10GE," says Pereira.
These additional MEF certifications for our high density 10GE product lines demonstrate our continued commitment to support these customers with innovative, standards-based switching platforms.
The STT Metro brings the same high-end applications found in the STT Ethernet 10GE to 10/100M and Gigabit rates, speeding installation and turn-up, bringing new services to end users quickly and reducing overall deployment costs," said Patrick Riley, product marketing manager at Sunrise Telecom.