10HD10-High-Day (telecommunications traffic measurement)
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Notes: The Quasar 12, Boomer H104, and MK 10HD can carry a telescopic feed but this may limit the drifter choice to a smaller drifter only.
DEVELOPMENT JUMBOS Quasar 12 Boomer H104 MK 10HD Micromatic Length (mm) 8,500 8,600 8,640 8,300 Width (mm) 1,200 1,220 1,220 1,200 Height (mm)(*) 1,900 2,000 1,980 2,200 Weight (kg) 8,200 7,000 7,800 4,300 Rock Drill H200 or COP1032 or HPRH or HE300 or H300 COP1238 HPR1 HL300S Feed CC2510-2512 BMH1110-12 HFA 12 CF30HDx32 Hole Length (m) 2.
Striping and mirroring through Kaminario's innovative RAID 10HD (hybrid distributed) capabilities.