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Aristocracy, what, 78; treated of, 120; its object, 121
Free state treated of, 121; how it arises out of a democracy and oligarchy, 122, 123
In verses 23 and 24 of the second part of the discourse we are reminded of Nietzsche's powerful indictment of the great of to-day, in the Antichrist (Aphorism 43):--"At present nobody has any longer the courage for separate rights, for rights of domination, for a feeling of reverence for himself and his equals,--FOR PATHOS OF DISTANCE...Our politics are MORBID from this want of courage!--The aristocracy of character has been undermined most craftily by the lie of the equality of souls; and if the belief in the 'privilege of the many,' makes revolutions and WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE them, it is Christianity, let us not doubt it, it is CHRISTIAN valuations, which translate every revolution merely into blood and crime!" (see also "Beyond Good and Evil", pages 120, 121).
* IRC section 121 can be capitalized upon every two years.
A genetic analysis of strain 121 indicates that the microbe is an archaea, a life form that resembles bacteria but that may be more closely related to plants and animals (SN: 8/24/96, p.
First, SFAS 121 is examined to determine if the recognition criteria and other requirements of the Standard can ensure that management accounts for asset impairments in a timely fashion.
Logica has been looking at increasing its ERP capabilities, while Team 121 has been actively courting investment from other IT companies for the past six months.
The ruling's facts are not inconsistent with the Fact patterns of the six examples in temporary regulations section 1.121-3T(e)(3), which illustrate circumstances that might be "unforeseen" and so qualify a taxpayer for the section 121 (c) reduced maximum exclusion.
Result: The bankruptcy estate is entitled to use section 121. The avail ability of the old section 121, which excluded the gain on the sale of a residence by a taxpayer over age 55 to a bankruptcy estate, was previously considered in In re Mehr and In re Barden.
121 has operated to exclude from gross income gain from the sale of a qualifying personal residence, not to exceed $250,000 (for single filers) or $500,000 (for joint filers).