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As home prices escalate and the IRC section 121 exclusion remains stationary, the potential for taxable gain looms ever larger.
A genetic analysis of strain 121 indicates that the microbe is an archaea, a life form that resembles bacteria but that may be more closely related to plants and animals (SN: 8/24/96, p.
121 will not apply to the gain to the extent of any post-May 6, 1997 depreciation adjustments.
First, SFAS 121 is examined to determine if the recognition criteria and other requirements of the Standard can ensure that management accounts for asset impairments in a timely fashion.
Logica has been looking at increasing its ERP capabilities, while Team 121 has been actively courting investment from other IT companies for the past six months.
Then, at the American Advertising Federation's Fort Worth (AAF-FW) annual ADDY[R] Gala on February 26th, Studios 121 received top honor by winning a Gold ADDY, for their "R2G" National TV Campaign for one of its large clients, ComStar Media.
121-3T(e)(3), which illustrate circumstances that might be "unforeseen" and so qualify a taxpayer for the section 121 (c) reduced maximum exclusion.
It's a great time to launch Studios 121 because people are seeking cost-saving alternatives for their production needs.
Result: The bankruptcy estate is entitled to use section 121.
Introducing the UltraPin II 121 digital and 121a analog pin boards
121 should improve financial reporting by making it easier to compare one entity's response to economic or other forces with another entity's response, the board added.