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1336Assault with Intent Manual (police radio code)
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In the Mixed Senior category, Bonnie Solis of TBAM-Prima is currently on top with 1370, followed by Alex Bea (1338) of PBA and Ian Diwa (1336) of TBAM.
Out of the 1336 participants, one-fifth sustained head injuries during the study while one-third already had a head injury prior to the study.
Business installation of fuel cells and microturbine power plants: EPA '05 Section 1336, amending Sec.
The world's most famous Mongul conqueror, Temur (1336?-1405), became the stuff of legends in fourteenth and fifteenth-century Europe as Tamerlane or Temur the Lame.
The system consists of a Nanoraman Instrument, ERL 1336 reagent, and a gold analysis plate.
1336 currently has 11 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.
The Filocolo is a work in prose, written by Boccaccio in Naples, between 1336 and 1338, to comply with the wish of Princess Maria (more familiarly known as Fiammetta), the daughter of King Robert of Anjou, who wanted a "worthier" book with which to rescue the Medieval Legend of Florio and Biancifiore from the "fanciful parlance of the ignorant".
Contact: IVP Integrated Vision Products, tel: +46 1336 2121
For more information about participating in National Music Week, contact NFMC at (317) 638-4003 or nmfc@netdirect.net or write to 1336 N.
The solution included an Allen-Bradley 1336 PLUS AC drive with variable-frequency control, PanelView operator interface and SLC-5/03 processor.