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1394IEEE 1394 (high-speed serial bus with up to 400Mbps transfer speed; aka FireWire; aka i.Link; aka High Performance Serial Bus)
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Automotive 1394 proponents know that the baseline standards developed for consumer electronics must be significantly modified to meet automotive requirements.
In fact, the question is not whether USB will supplant 1394 but rather, will a new serial specification, USB On-The-Go (OTG), cannibalize the nascent Bluetooth market?
The consolidated 1394-2008 specification effectively allows one single document to serve all," said Les Baxter, a long-time 1394 Trade Association leader and director of Baxter Enterprises, who supervised the process.
Aside from these relatively small markets, the use of 1394 was relegated to niche devices communicating to each other or to the Mac.
Development of the 1394 baseband over coax specification will complement the coax bridge and UTP PMD specifications already developed by the 1394 Trade Association.
The Fig shows a sample home IEEE 1394 bus interconnection diagram.
Our introduction of the new FlexFire ISI-736 is perfectly timed for the resurgence of interest in the IEEE 1394 standard as a high-performance, high-reliability standard for DVDs, DTV, camcorders and set-top boxes," said Nabil Takla, president and CEO of Innovative Semiconductor.
The Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization (POFTO) and the 1394 Trade Association will cooperate on a booth-to-booth video transfer, in which images generated in the POFTO booth will be delivered over plastic optical fiber to a display in the Trade Association booth.
The 1394 Trade Association is a worldwide organization dedicated to the enhancement and proliferation of the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) standard.
1394 over coax via UWB also includes support for IP; meets the current Federal Communications Commission mandate for 1394 in high-end set-top boxes for cable; and leverages the FCC mandate for MPEG processing in DTVs.
The development work will be directed by the Trade Association's Industrial and Instrumentation Working Group under the leadership of Richard Mourn of Quantum Parametrics LLC, who has worked closely with the 1394 Trade Association since it was founded in 1994.