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1471Throws Acid with Intent to Injure (police radio code; New Zealand)
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1471 under sentence of outlawry by the victorious Edward IV.
1471: The Yorkists defeated the first in British <B Birthdays: Jay Aston, Kate Garraway and Rory McIlroy
C'est dans la qoubba de la gracieuse mosquee a l'architecture maghrebine, qu'il fut inhume en 1471. La mosquee construite en 1696, sur l'emplacement du tombeau du venere docteur de la foi, fut flanque d'un haut minaret carre, reconnaissable de tres loin, a sa quadruple rangee d'arcatures encadrees de bandeaux de faiences de Perse et de Rhodes.
1471 if the FATCA partner complies with Articles 2 and 3 of the model agreement, and the RFPFI:
-- Application of section 1471 to expanded affiliated groups of FFIs under section 1471(e)
The chance of incurring the penalty for failing to meet the Section 1471 (b) safe harbor agreement is significant enough to utilize other structures, such as the side-by-side structure.
Last May, the California Assembly passed AB 1471, despite mounting concerns that firearms manufacturers would stop sales in the state rather than bear the astronomical costs necessary for microstamping.
Citadella on Gellert Hill, telephone 00361-386 4802 and Marvanymennyasszony on Marvany utca, telephone 00361-225 1471, offered good food, good service and good value.
324, 3 Marshall and sons 1471.620, 4 Stewart and Clyde 1471.
On This Day: 1471: The Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at Barnet in a 'War of the Roses' battle.
The following article describes the key contributions of IEEE Std 1471 to the discipline of software architecture representation.
PHONE giant BT has been accused of "ripping-off" customers by introducing a back door fee for its 1471 number.