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1472Poisons with Intent to Injure (police radio code; New Zealand)
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1472, thanks to his patron, Olivier Le Daim, barber to Louis XI., king by the grace of God.
1472. Sound public policy should be premised on reliable, relevant, and accurate data.
He is said to have created it around 1472, when he was 19 or 20 and a pupil of the Florentine artist Andrea del Verrocchio, the British Guardian newspaper reported.
As he suggested, the original Council of the North was an administrative body set up in 1472 by King Edward IV.
The Olde Bulls Head in Castle Street, Beaumaris, was built in 1472 and, according to The Good Pub Guide, its two illustrious visitors would find much of it familiar today, with its low beams, log fire and even a ducking stool.
1472) studied die association between [Fe.sub.NO] in children and five classes of metrics of residential TRP: distances to freeways and major roads, including length of all and local roads within circular buffers around the home; traffic densities within buffers; annual average line source dispersion modeled nitrogen oxides ([NO.sub.x] from freeways and nonfreeway roads; and predicted annual average nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and [NO.sub.x] from a model based on intracommunity sampling.
* Section 1472, Withholdable payments to other foreign entities;
The network also covers from the intersection of US Highway 83 and Mangana-Hein Road to the intersection of Ranch Road 1472 and Loop 20 and Verizon plans to add further sites later in 2006 to extend coverage to Ranch Road 3338.
Produced in Thailand for the UK company (Phone: +44 1472 371271), the 625-gram bag contains two seasoned, pre-cooked half-ducks.
Contact: Innerloc Broadheads/Sullivan Industries, Inc., 1472 Camp Creek Road, Dept.
Las tasas medias de CF en ?g/g fueron las siguientes: RN = 458.14 (intervalo: 20-3765); ninos controles <15; ninos en brote agudo de EII = 1472 (intervalo: 135-55492).