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XXXTurkey (3 consecutive strikes in bowling)
XXXAdult film rating
XXXFlour (commercial grade)
XXXCorps (Graphical Representation/Army)
XXXTriple X Syndrome (disorder)
XXXTriple X (Wrestling Tag Team)
XXXStraightedge (slang for no beer, no drugs, no promiscuous sex)
XXXPAN PAN (logging abbreviation)
XXX150 Proof (alcoholic beverages)
XXXExtra Strong Mint (UK and Ireland)
XXXNo currency transactions (ISO code; lack of trade)
XXXThree X Level of decontamination
XXXInternet Top-Level Domain Name for Adult Sites
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Absinthe is traditionally distilled with botanicals like wormwood, anise and fennel and ranges from 90 to 150 proof. Historically, people called the time of day when one drank absinthe the "green hour." It fell around 5 to 7 p.m.
RECIPE: 20% Propolis Tincture Materials: 1 part propolis by weight 4 parts food grade alcohol by weight, 150 proof (75%) or higher.
Climax comes in peach and grape, and its 79 proof is far tamer than the 150 proof stuff that stills often spill.
And this being the island of 150 proof rum, in such demand none of it ever makes it to export, a trip to the River Antoine Rum distillery is worth it.