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1540Male Assaults Female (police radio code; New Zealand)
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Juntine Editions, 1515 and 1540. Trincavelli, Venice, 1537 (with scholia).
Representatives from the 39 countries, as well as experts from the UNSC 1540 Committee and UN Office for Disarmament Affairs in New York, will be participating in the two-day conference.
1540 Broadway's anticipated valuation is $925 million, or around $1,000 psf.
He stressed that representatives of the same countries are now trying to deflect this important meeting by inserting topics that have nothing to do with the item under discussion in order to disperse efforts and prevent the Council from holding a real and serious discussion about the implementation of Resolution 1540 .
The review took place at a three-day meeting of 15-member Council's so-called 1540 Committee, which was established to facilitate implementation of the resolution by all States.
So, as early as 1540, non-Natives began to influence the interior world by introducing such things as horses and Old World diseases, but it was only with the arrival of American wagon roads, forts, and railroads in the mid-1800s that the autonomy of the interior world shattered.
The participants spoke about projects to support the implementation of the resolution 1540 and the importance of strengthening border management while implementing its provisions.
The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) has been addressed by the United Nations in a number of ways including through a process initiated by the Security Council in its resolution 1540 (2004), unanimously adopted on 28 April 2004.
Adoptee a l'unanimite, le 28 avril 2004, par le Conseil de securite, en vertu du Chapitre VII de la Charte, la resolution 1540 oblige tous les Eetats a s'abstenir d'apporter une quelconque forme d'appui aux acteurs non etatiques qui tentent de developper, acquerir, fabriquer, posseder, transporter, transferer ou utiliser des armes nucleaires, chimiques ou biologiques et leurs vecteurs.
Al-Mualimi said that the workshop is sponsored by Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the UN and comes as part of a program that was agreed upon with the Security Council Committee on Resolution 1540, under which the the kingdom donated $ 500,000 to help the committee carry out its tasks.
Overcoming the level of 1540 points will have the opportunity to rush to new highs 2013, if the S & P500 did not deign to jump down from their key resistance levels, taking away all the rest.
(1540), and looks forward that through this Summit the resolution will be activated to enhance international cooperation to serve the security and peace in the world, announcing the Kingdom's donation of $ 500,000 in implementation of paragraph number 7 of the resolution No 1977 according to which the resolution No.