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1640Minor Assaults (police radio code; New Zealand)
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Caught on the flank, by the Rue Saint- Pierre-aux-Boeufs, and in the rear through the Rue du Parvis, driven to bay against Notre-Dame, which they still assailed and Quasimodo defended, at the same time besiegers and besieged, they were in the singular situation in which Comte Henri Harcourt, Taurinum obsessor idem et obsessus , as his epitaph says, found himself later on, at the famous siege of Turin, in 1640, between Prince Thomas of Savoy, whom he was besieging, and the Marquis de Leganez, who was blockading him.
Mynheer van Baerle the father had amassed in the Indian trade three or four hundred thousand guilders, which Mynheer van Baerle the son, at the death of his dear and worthy parents, found still quite new, although one set of them bore the date of coinage of 1640, and the other that of
This speech was heard by Porthos in the same sense as if it had still been in the year 1640 and related to the true cardinal.
1640 Father Secchi saw one in a cemetery near Florence and frightened it away with the sign of the cross.
(about 1575 to about 1619), son of a counsellor of Queen Elizabeth, a lawyer; and Thomas Dekker (about 1570 to about 1640), a ne'er-do-weel dramatist and hack-writer of irrepressible and delightful good spirits.
He said, this year, the Board had set a target of planting 1800 saplings while 1640 saplings had been planted on Peshawar Road, Mall Road, Saddar, Nisar Park, Seham School, Westridge Graveyard, Kashmir Road, Parade Road and in other areas.
Across the Canon stand at FESPA 2017, print service providers (PSPs) and corporate companies operating in vertical markets such as decor and packaging, found a broad spectrum of printed applications from the Oce Colorado 1640 , Oce Arizona, Oce ColorWave and imagePROGRAF printers.
Given our imaginary clearance above, if you don't advise airborne by 1630, you're still within the clearance's parameters as long as you can do so by 1640. Call it 1639.
INTRICATE Z Gold lacquer lid MONEY BOX 3 The 1640 chest
3b: IR (KBr) v/[cm.sup.-1] 1640 (C = O), 1265 (asym C-O-C), 1040 (sym C-O-C).
Vincent 1640 MOB is an approximately 20,000 square foot medical office building that is 100% leased to CHRISTUS St.