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1740Demand with Intent to Steal or Extort (police radio code; New Zealand)
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Accordingly, in 1740, he was compelled to resign his office, and Grandfather's chair into the bargain, to Mr.
The first real novel in the modern sense was written by Samuel Richardson, and published in 1740. Quickly after that there arose several other novel writers whose books became famous.
Boswell was a Scotch gentleman, born in 1740, the son of a judge who was also laird of the estate of Auchinleck in Ayrshire, near the English border.
The book covers the time period from the lesser known but no less deadly famine of the 1740s up to the year 2016, though not every chapter engages with the full range of these years.
The space that Thesys Technologies will occupy is part of a successful prebuilt campaign by Equity Office at 1740 Broadway.
The biggest risers in the FTSE 100 Index were Anglo American up 41.1p to 547.2p, BHP Billiton up 33p to 760.5p, Royal Dutch Shell up 64.5p to 1740.5p, and Rio Tinto up 70p to 1987.5p.
In 1740 thousands of Batavian Chinese city dwellers were slaughtered by the Dutch.
1740 brings to life a moment of attraction to materiality that functioned as a counterweight to the specular thrust of collecting.--Ewa Lajer-Burcharth
The most clear-cut such instances are the years 1740 into 1741, 1744 into 1745 and 1756 into 1757.
A bidder from Beijing bought the 16in vase which was made in 1740 for the Qianlong Emperor - but in more recent years was being used as an umbrella stand.
Tickets are priced pounds 18.50 and are available from 0844 847 1740.