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187Murder/Death/Kill (gaming clan)
187Police radio code for murder
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Proclus believed that the Nymphs called Meliae ("Theogony", 187) are intended.
STATE RECORDS, infra note 187, at 543 ("Recommended, That this State annually appoint their delegates to serve in Congress for one year....
Richard Kirby, chief executive at the trust, said: "It really is great news that we have reached 187 days without an MRSA bacteraemia at the Manor Hospital.
"We stuck a bright yellow sticker on the box that said: 'Made in France by the 187 workers of Ontex' and we sent it to Fort Bregancon," the mansion on the Riviera where Bruni-Sarkozy is spending the summer holiday, union leader Bernard Leblond said.
In a number of ways this powerful observation gets to the heart of his argument in the book; proponents of policies such as California's Proposition 187 often will argue from what they believe to be a race neutral stance and yet the language and assumptions of much of their advocacy is in fact racially centered.
111-84 of October 28, 2009) authorizes no funding for the procurement of F-22s beyond the 187 that have already been procured.
Passed by California voters in 1994, Proposition 187 was a ballot measure aimed at denying illegal immigrants social services, including nonemergency health care and public education.
In addition, these activists are now writing history with their historic, bold moves--from the passage of California Proposition 187 in 1994, to the successful recall of pro-amnesty California Governor Gray Davis in 2003 to the launching of the Minuteman Project.
Plyler (1982), the Supreme Court also struck down Texas' early version of Proposition 187 that attempted to exclude undocumented alien children from public schools.
Neutralization assays using the CDV strain Onderstepoort were performed to determine the titers of serum samples from 187 harbor seals from German waters, collected from 1996 until the outbreak of the epidemic in 2002 (9,10).
Part 2 investigates translations of doctrinally sensitive passages into the vernacular, or, more generally, "the history of the English language as a medium for a new theology and national church" (187).
187), the embryos pictured on page 187 are of chickens, not frogs.