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187Murder/Death/Kill (gaming clan)
187Police radio code for murder
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In the video is seen that 67 LZ 187 plate number automobile turn the wheel just front of the concrete mixer vehicle.
15, 16 (1992) (stating that the President may make appointments during intrasession recesses); see also HALSTEAD, infra note 187, at 7-9 (collecting opinions on that issue).
We stuck a bright yellow sticker on the box that said: 'Made in France by the 187 workers of Ontex' and we sent it to Fort Bregancon," the mansion on the Riviera where Bruni-Sarkozy is spending the summer holiday, union leader Bernard Leblond said.
Passed by California voters in 1994, Proposition 187 was a ballot measure aimed at denying illegal immigrants social services, including nonemergency health care and public education.
The mentality behind proposition 187 was the same, influenced by 19th century social Darwinism, that led the Republicans in Congress to pass the so-called welfare reform that, among other things, made immigrants second class residents of this country.
They explained their choice of the Proposition 187 controversy as follows:
The 187, who include a 10-month-old infant and a 90-year-old, suffered diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting after drinking from the 1-liter and 500-milliliter cartons of milk between Tuesday and Wednesday, the authorities said.
A morality tale laced with nihilism and fear, 187 (the Californian penal code for murder) challenges the viewers' definitions of right and wrong.
Now 187 is the penal code for murder and, sure enough, a pupil he has flunked retaliates by stabbing him.
187 campaign became general knowledge in California, let alone around the country.
In addition, as a result of Governor Pete Wilson's tirades against illegal aliens and the subsequent passage of Proposition 187, hundreds of California students brought here as babies by parents without government papers--youngsters who have lived here all their lives--found themselves ejected from universities.
LOS ANGELES--One year after California voters approved the anti-immigrant initiative Proposition 187, its opponents marked the anniversary with a report documenting a rash of hate crimes throughout the state.