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187Murder/Death/Kill (gaming clan)
187Police radio code for murder
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Rising seven stories on Kent Avenue, 187 Kent will include ground-floor and basement retail space, 96 luxury apartments and 170 parking spaces.
A spokesman of the local administration told here on Sunday that special price control magistrates while checking 293 shops and stalls in 177 markets of the city, found 187 shopkeepers involved in profiteering.
15, 16 (1992) (stating that the President may make appointments during intrasession recesses); see also HALSTEAD, infra note 187, at 7-9 (collecting opinions on that issue).
We stuck a bright yellow sticker on the box that said: 'Made in France by the 187 workers of Ontex' and we sent it to Fort Bregancon," the mansion on the Riviera where Bruni-Sarkozy is spending the summer holiday, union leader Bernard Leblond said.
In a number of ways this powerful observation gets to the heart of his argument in the book; proponents of policies such as California's Proposition 187 often will argue from what they believe to be a race neutral stance and yet the language and assumptions of much of their advocacy is in fact racially centered.
The issue for Congress is whether to approve the Administration's proposal in the FY2010 budget to end F-22 procurement at 187 aircraft, or reject that proposal and provide funding in FY2010 for the procurement of additional F-22s in FY2010 and/or subsequent years.
Although I support the intent of SB 187 to protect the public's drinking water supply, the bill ignores the deliberative scientific process that must be part of the development of any drinking water standard,'' the statement said.
The mentality behind proposition 187 was the same, influenced by 19th century social Darwinism, that led the Republicans in Congress to pass the so-called welfare reform that, among other things, made immigrants second class residents of this country.
The Proposition 187 campaign ignited deep-seated tensions within California's diverse racial/ethnic population.
They explained their choice of the Proposition 187 controversy as follows:
Its forerunner, an 1879 California statewide ballot that passed by a margin of 154,638 to 833, may have set a precedent for the exclusion act, which restricted Chinese immigration for more than fifty years, and for its contemporary counterpart, Proposition 187.
In November, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles released a report, "Hate Unleashed: Los Angeles in the Aftermath of 187.