19ANineteenth Amendment
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The genetic profile of the serotype 19A isolates in Atlanta is consistent with the described clonal distribution of this serotype in the United States in the post-PCV7 period (4).
Notably, serotype 19A is now the most common invasive disease-causing serotype in young children.
pneumoniae 19A was isolated from normally sterile sites with each child.
BOLTONA A A 35A A A 8A A A 8A A A 19A A A A -20A A A 32
The incidence of disease caused by serotypes not included in Prevnar has been increasing in children younger than 5 years of age in the United States, including 19A , the most common serotype.
This project is located in Eustis and shall consist of constructing a turn lane on CR 19A (Dora Avenue) at its intersection with Dillard Road (C-4858).
Serotype 19A was the most common serotype isolated in the study during 2004-2006.
To date, replacement for IPD has been observed for serotypes 3, 15, 19A, 22F, 33F, and 35, with the increase in 19A being the most prevalent.
Contract notice: Technical Mission Control For The Restructuring Of Collective Crche 19A Rue Pelleport 75020 Paris
Altaf Hussain's counsel Asma Jehangir argued that the freedom of speech was a fundamental right and guaranteed under Article 19A of the constitution but the bench had imposed a ban on broadcasting speeches of his client.