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1AD1st Airborne Division (World War II)
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Given this, as the summer cycle of officer moves took place, the new 1AD commander gave approval to formally continue the program by placing two new engineer captains, fresh from the Captains Career Course, into the TESII program in preparation for 1AD's next deployment.
In all, over 225,000 measurement tons, or over 6,000 individual pieces, of 1AD equipment was transshipped to Germany.
To address this anticipated need, the 1AD Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) deployed with enough JAs to supply each organic maneuver BCT with two JAs--the 1AD OSJA deployed with not only the attorneys on the tables of organization and equipment but also more than a dozen attorneys on the tables of distribution and allowance.
KITTY FLYNN'S, Corner of St Mary Street and Caroline Street, Cardiff CF10 1AD Atmosphere City centre bar that makes no concessions to the raucous youth culture that has colonised most nearby drinking houses.
His past assignments include tours of duty with the 1AD Engineer Brigade; the USACE Pittsburgh District; and the 588th, 1st, and 23d Engineer Battalions.
Winner: B Co, 1-35 AR Bn, 1AD, Aschaffenburg, Germany
1AD King Herod ordered the slaughter of all the infants in Bethlehem to ensure the death of Christ, whom he saw as a rival.
If you're in the photo, or you remember Margaret from Ninevah Road, give her a call on 0121 523 8174 or write to her at 30 Whitley Court, Hawthorne Park Drive, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham B20 1AD
We will be here driving equipment until it is done and then, finally, we're heading home," said Hunter, of 1AD.
Archaeologists think the torc dates back to the 1AD when warrior queen Boudica ruled the area now known as Norfolk.
2 1998 Signal Center, Fort Gordon, GA 6 1999 124th Signal Bn, Fort Hood, TX 12 1999 USAREUR HQ, Mannheim, GE 1 2000 3rd Corps, Fort Hood, TX 15 2001 SBCT-1, Fort Lewis, WA 3 2001 SBCT-2, Fort Lewis, WA 3 2002 13th Signal Bn, Fort Hood, TX 12 2002 141st Signal Bn, 1AD, Germany 10 2003 440th Signal Bn, Germany 5 2003 121st Signal Bn, Germany 10 2003 SBCT-3, Fort Wainwright, AK 3 2004 Date Due For Projected Location Terminals Fielding (3ID) 123rd Signal Bn, Fort Stewart, GA 12 2004 (101st)501st Signal Bn, Fort Campbell, KY 12 2005 447th Signal Bn, Fort Gordon, GA 6 2005 (1ID) 331st Signal Co.
To claim your free CD - with 16 super tracks - just complete the coupon in block letters and send it, with Tokens 1 and 2 and a large 9in x 6in SAE (52p stamp), to: Sunday Mail 60s CD offer, Admail 68, Plymouth, PL1 1AD.