1BCTFirst Brigade Combat Team
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Niebauer is currently the Special Weapons Exploitation Team OIC for 1BCT, 82d Airborne Division.
The mission of breaching, marking, and controlling five lanes through the complex border obstacle fell to 1BCT.
Early on 1 April, the battalion attacked with 1BCT through the Karbala Gap to the Euphrates River.
B Company, 1st STB is the Signal company for 1BCT in 4ID.
Working with the battle staff, the assistant division engineer developed a synchronized deliberate river-crossing plan with two crossing areas-the 2d Brigade Combat Team (2BCT) in the west and the 1BCT in the east.
Because ford sites were located in the east, the 1BCT would conduct its assault crossing (Phase II) over the fords and secure both the near and far shores with heavy maneuver forces before commencing bridging operations at the Ottawa crossing site.
After first-hand experience with Bravo Company, 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1BCT, 4th Infantry Division (M) (Signal Company), the recommendation is that the Network Operations and Security Cell integrates with the brigade S6 section, but the company commander maintains operational control.