1CD1st Cavalry Division
1CD1st Cavalry Deployment
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The heart of the 1CD intelligence enterprise is the Analysis and Control Element (ACE), a multi-source team comprised of Soldiers from the all-source intelligence, signals intelligence (SIGINT), geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), and targeting disciplines.
With the 1CD deployment into Iraq underway, a collaborative effort between DARPA and the Army began in earnest.
2) Operation Hammurabi began under ICD with efforts by MAJ Jeffrey Spears, the ICD GST Justice Chief, but was substantially expanded when 3ID replaced 1CD in February 2005.
On 22 February 2000, the 937th Engineer Group deployed to Fort Hood for the third and final time to support the 1CD during its Warfighter Exercise.
To avoid fratricide and to ensure both 4ID and 1CD icons appeared on a platform's display, we stood up our own enhanced position location and reporting system network in parallel with the 4th ID's network to allow both sets of terrestrial based FBCB2 systems to function in the same area of operations.
The 1CD Operations Law Team (DOLT) developed an excellent FRAGO database, which was periodically updated throughout the deployment.
In a joint initiative between the 1CD CJ2 and TRADOC G2's Human Terrain System (HTS), three HTAT personnel with remote support from HTS' Research Reachback Center (RRC) at Ft.
He has served as a Long Range Surveillance team leader, Ranger instructor and commander of A Company and HHC, 2nd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, 1 st Cavalry Division, and as the Senior Iraqi Army Advisor for 2-7 CAV, 1CD.
The MDMP that Bravo Company, 2nd BSTB, 1CD executed was extremely important in the success of the support provided to the BCT while deployed to New Orleans.
Sergeant Ludwig has deployed twice in support of OIF, in 2006-2008 with the 1st Cavalry Division G2 assigned as the Al Qaeda in Iraq High-Value Individual Targeting Analyst and in 2009, again with 1CD as the Lead AQI and Sunni Insurgent Analyst until the Division redeployed in 2010.