1FRSingle-Line, Flat-Rate, Residential
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Visual conditions prevailed; an 1FR flight plan had been filed.
Ring him on 02476 618402 or write to him at 154 River Walk, Wood End, Coventry, CV2 1FR.
Sarker, Phytopharmaceutical Research Laboratory, School of Pharmacy, the Robert Gordon University, Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FR, UK Tel.
Even the 1FR route of choice over the Cascades--Victor 2 from SEA to ELN--has its drawbacks, but at least your "rocky footprint" is greatly reduced and there are better options on either side and in the middle of the Cascades along this route in the event you must make an emergency divert.
Forget the rumor that glass-cockpit-equipped aircraft are immune from biennial 1FR pitot and static system inspection--FAR 91.
Since the cabin is one person wide, the panel is similarly narrow so it has just enough room for sufficient instruments for legal 1FR flight, a moving map of some sort and more additional stuff than you might imagine.
Units like the GX60 GPS Mapcomm and GPS-only GX50 are capable of 1FR certification, but a failed display makes one a throw-away.
At 2000 FPM per minute, you can blow through a low-altitude 1FR restriction in a heartbeat, thus knowing how to arm the autopilot for altitude capture is critical if you lack anticipatory position awareness.
At 1225, the pilot received a weather briefing and filed an 1FR flight plan.