1FRSingle-Line, Flat-Rate, Residential
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When comparing SL with face-to-face interactions, one student (11FD-IS) noted that in the simulation, there was a "lack of non-verbal cues, which make up 90 percent of communication," and "The simulation has a place in learning, but it cannot replace face-to-face communication." Another student (1FR AC) wrote, "I found it difficult to stay focused on the meeting without being able to be face-to-face with the others in the meeting, especially my team."
School of Pharmacy, The Robert Gordon University, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, Scotland AB10 1FR, UK
(52.) "US-China Convergence and Friction on Arms Control/Nonproliferation Issues" (China database) (Monterey, Calif.: Center for Nonproliferation Studies, November 1998), n.p.; and on-line, Internet, 27 November 1998, available from http://cns.miis.edu/db/china/index 1fr.htm; and "China's National Defense," 30.
The company has a file folder full of eventual upgrade ideas, including floats, bigger engines and, eventually (we hope), 1FR certification.
If you're instrument-rated, make a second 1FR Takeoff Briefing checklist for such takeoffs (whether in IMC or VMC).
Ring him on 02476 618402 or write to him at 154 River Walk, Wood End, Coventry, CV2 1FR.
Sarker, Phytopharmaceutical Research Laboratory, School of Pharmacy, the Robert Gordon University, Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FR, UK Tel.: ++44-0-1224 262547; Fax: ++44-0-1224-262555; e-mail: S.Sarker@rgu.ac.uk
Visual conditions prevailed; an 1FR flight plan had been filed.
The terrain is just too inhospitable when flying a single in case "something happens." Even the 1FR route of choice over the Cascades--Victor 2 from SEA to ELN--has its drawbacks, but at least your "rocky footprint" is greatly reduced and there are better options on either side and in the middle of the Cascades along this route in the event you must make an emergency divert.