1ID1st Infantry Division (US Army)
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The June 2014 engagement at 1ID started in the Joint Operations Center.
The organic Field Service Engineers (FSEs) assigned to 1ID also gained direct lines of communication with key personnel from the team which enabled their ability to provide continued service once the event concluded.
As part of a joint effort with 1ID, we also completed a convoy live-fire training course before the deployment.
1ID subscribers had an insatiable appetite not only for SIPR and NIPR data, but for secure voice as well.
Within the Signal Task Force, National Guard, and active duty Soldiers from five different battalions worked as one team to provide redundant, reliable, and robust communications to the Soldiers of the 1ID.
1ID implemented several methods of communication for use by the JCCs.
In order to augment the spotty Iraqi telephones, 1ID equipped each JCC with Thuraya satellite telephones, satellite internet packages, and a high frequency radio system supplied and installed by Multi National Forces-Iraq.
Not only did 1ID need to ensure positive communications between the JCCs, we also needed to ensure C2 among Iraqi police stations and Iraqi Army headquarters.
Close coordination with coalition agencies as well as commercial service providers enabled 1ID to equip ISF with a robust communications network.
Although the IPS and IA had different radio models and different frequency plans for their respective radio systems, 1ID G6 designed a frequency plan that allowed the two types of radio systems to communicate with each other, enabling critical coordination between the police and military.
LTC Rovegno remained the 1ID G2, working extensively in Germany and Macedonia until February 1999 when he took command of the 10 1st MI Battalion and deployed with the battalion as part of the Kosovo Initial Entry Force in June, remaining in Kosovo just over one year.
First Lieutenant Mike Crane is currently the Operations Platoon Leader of B Company, 101st Military Intelligence Battalion, 1ID in Wuerzburg, Germany.