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1MCGeneral announcing system (Navy, shipboard)
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Because the fan room was noisy, none of us had heard the 1MC announcement for well-deck operations.
The deck was set up for the VERTREP when the CO announced on the 1MC that we had been ordered to leave for the coast of Lebanon to evacuate American-embassy personnel and citizens.
BM2 Johnny Gholsby pipes an announcement over the 1MC aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65).
More often than not, this 1MC announcement means an aircraft from the previous launch is returning early because of a minor malfunction, or the landing signal officer (LSO) team responsible for that day's recoveries had spent too much time jacking around and is late for the next recovery.
As soon as flight quarters is announced over the 1MC, the team is ready to go," said Chief Boatswain's Mate Shawn Salazar.
CDR Guy Lee, command chaplain aboard USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) transmits a prayer over the ship's 1MC and asks for a moment of silence on Memorial Day in remembrance of those who gave their lives for our country.
After crossing through the Suez, our captain came on the 1MC, telling us about a ship named M/V Faina that had just been captured by pirates.
Elliott reminds all hands (over the 1MC, face-to-face, or both) they have these critical eyes and have a vested interest in the safety program and the readiness of FFG-39.
The carrier's CO just had made an announcement on the 1MC.
Each evening, the crew eagerly waited to hear their names announced over the ship's 1MC, placing them on the next day's HART.
Every time I set flight quarters and hear a boatswain's mate's call on the 1MC, I wish I was the one strapping in to launch.