1PIOne Particle Irreducible
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I was handed a letter, which was franked with a 19p stamp from solicitors -whose name I will not divulge -containing a receipt for the contribution for which underpayment of 1pI was required to pay Perhaps the Post Office should change its name to the Petty Office.
The original single-pass, three-photomultiplier-tube (PMT) ColorGetter handles reflective and transmissive material up to 10"x10", digitizes in 12-bit RGB color, and offers dynamic range to 3.8, autocalibration, interchangeable drums, selectable resolutions up to 2000 1pi, and compatibility with PCs, Macs and Unix workstations.
Their 400x400 1pi (lines per inch) resolution provide 100% accuracy in print matchups and cost a fifth of what a direct computer linkup would cost.
Name 1 circulation pump 2 hydrodynamic heater 3 heat storage container 4 heater 5 fan 6 make-up pump 7 bypass 8 make-up and broad tank 9 accumulative tank 1G, 20 flow meter 1t-5t sensor of temperature 1P-3P sensor of pressure 1A-20A ball cock 1w electric meter 1h, 2h liquid level gauge 1Pi, 2Pi pressure indicator 1ti thermometer indicator 1Pti-4Pti thermomanometer indicator
The front of the frame has been checkered 30 1pi. The flat mainspring housing has been checkered 30 1pi as well, and is of one piece with the magazine well.
The frontstrap and the mainspring housing are checkered 20 1pi and are aggressive enough without being razor-sharp.
While the .38 Super Stinger comes with checkering on the frame of 30 1pi, you can request an uncheckered frame.
The inoculated chicks in A and B groups showed clinical signs of depression, anorexia, ruffled feathers, vent pasting and diarrhea starting from day 1pi. Lifting of wings from thorax was observed in group A only at day 5 and 7pi.
The rear of the slide is hand-serrated at 50 1pi with the head of the extractor also serrated to match.
Stock and forend are American walnut with 20 1pi checkering.