1RMOne Repetition Maximum
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Costa e colaboradores (28) avancaram em seus estudos e num estudo observacional, correlacionaram utilizacao do teste 1RM com capacidade funcional e QV num PRP, participaram 112 pacientes DPOC de moderada a grave.
For both isometric and dynamic situations, LGP responses were higher (P < 0.05) than BCP, for all but the 1st set of isometric testing (25% 1RM).
A study comparing session RPE across 3 different workouts involving 5 exercises (1 set each) at 50% (15 reps), 70% (10 reps), and 90% (5 reps) of 1-RM, (8) found session RPE to be reliable for quantifying intensity during RT and concluded that session RPE values increased concurrently with percentage of 1RM. However, participants only completed one set and stopped upon completing the predetermined number of repetitions, and therefore total work between varying intensities was not equated.
Em seguida, foi realizado o teste de carga maxima (1RM) nos exercicios supino reto, Leg Press, rosca na barra e extensor de pernas.
The participants were considered to be highly-trained based on their long history of elite-training and excellent performance in the 1RM parallel squat exercise (1.7 [+ or -] 0.3 kg / kg body mass), which was in line with that of international rugby players and power athletes (Baker and Newton, 2008; Zourdos et al., 2016).
To determine the assessment of dynamic muscle strength of the athletes, supine (Olympic Flat Bench - LifeFitness) and free squat (Technogym) MVCT by 1RM were performed according to Bacurau et al.
The studies used the load intensity from 70% to 91% in 1RM (6, 8, 13, 28-35).
A mesma carga em todas as sessoes de 70% de 1RM foi utilizada, exercicios foram realizados ate a exaustao ou ate comprometer a qualidade da execucao.
Each of these studies compared groups training at ~50% 1RM to ~80% 1RM.
(49) mean FEV1 39.5% wks 3 x 10 reps; workload predicted, mean age 73 increased from 50% of 1RM years) in week 1 to 85% of 1RM in week 8, 1RM re-evaluated every 6 session; single arm curl, leg press and leg extension Clark et COPD patients (N=26, Dynamic weight training al.
The athlete's goal in the first set is to perform 8 reps at 76% of his 1RM, which is 230 lbs.