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BULL BAY Rover Cup: 1st Jeanette Garner 40pts, 2nd Iona Skinner 38, 3rd Mavis Brown 37.
Round 10: Division A 1st L Chaytor 44 points; Division B 1st R M Drake 44 points; Division C 1st A J Holloway 41 points.
Seniors Stableford: 1st Alan Brooke 38pts, 2nd Steve Baggaley 35, 3rd Eilian Williams 32.
He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms.
TEXEL SHEEP: Class 4 : Shearling Ram 1st F & IF Murray 2nd A Walton 3rd A Walton Class 5 : Ram Lamb 1st A & M Gray 2nd F & IF Murray 3rd M & H Ions Class 6 : Ewe, 2 Shear and Upwards 1st J Campbell 2nd F & IF Murray 3rd M & H Ions Class 7 : Gimmer 1st J W Arnott 2nd JW Arnott 3rd A & M Gray Class 8 : Ewe Lamb 1st F & IF Murray 2nd A Walton 3rd M & H Ions.
2B is prepared to field hard bunt between P and 1st baseman; if 1st baseman fields bunt, covers 1st.
It's all part of 1st Rochdale's effort to help our customers use less juice from the power grid without ever having to sit in the dark.
As part of the agreement, Hitachi America will provide to 1st eTech smart card technology and systems consultation and has agreed to demonstrate the Hitachi smart card technology at the 1steTech booth during the 2000 Comdex Trade Show in Las Vegas.
At first, the company attracted sole practitioners and small firms, but gradually larger firms began to sign on, and today 1st Global is booming.
778125 shares of 1st Pacific common stock for each share of Landmark National common stock, provided that the resulting mix of consideration is such that approximately 65 percent of Landmark National shares receive 1st Pacific common stock.
Gunpowder Plot: 1st Adam Jones, Ian Carter, Alan Sifleet and Graham Linegar 80pts, 2nd Steve Walters, Andy Moran, Tony Williams and Andy Travis 79.
1st Class Linda Ann Tarango-Griess, 267th Ordnance Co.