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DPIPDirection de la Programmation des Investissements Publics (French: Directorate of Public Investment Programming; Ivory Coast)
DPIP2,6-Dichlorophenol-Indophenol (biology, electron accepting compound used for dye reduction experiments in plants)
DPIPDirigée par du Personnel Infirmier Praticien (Canadian clinic)
DPIPDistinguished Partner in Progress (award)
DPIPDistrict Poverty Initiatives Program (India)
DPIPDigital Production and Integration Program (Yale University Library; New Haven, CT)
DPIPDental Practice Insurance Program (UK)
DPIPDistal Tracheal Peak Inspiratory Pressure (pulmonary medicine)
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Activities of complex I (NADH: DCPIP oxidoreductase) and complex II (succinate: DCPIP oxidoreductase) were determined spectrophotometrically at 600 nm by following the reduction of the artificial electron acceptor 2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol (DCPIP; 50 [micro]M; [[epsilon].sub.DCPIP] = 21 [mM.sup.-1]x[cm.sup.-1]).
The homogenised fruits juice was subjected to the following determinations: total soluble solids (TSS, Brix) using a portable refractometer; vitamin C content using the pigment of 2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol; while, pH was measured with a glass electrode pH meter (AOAC, 1990).
Ascorbic acid in the sample was determined by titrating its aqueous extract with solution of 2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol dye to a faint pink end point.
[V.sub.C] (ascorbic acid content) was determined by titration of homogenate tomato samples (diluted in a 3% metaphosphoric acid solution and an 8% acetic acid solution) using a 2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol solution standardized in a solution of ascorbic acid with a known concentration.
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