2-CHTwo Channel (combiner type)
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[[delta].sub.c] (CD[Cl.sub.3]), 19.70 (5'-C[H.sub.3]) 30.66 (4-C[H.sub.2]), 54.53 (6-CH), 55.84 (1-CH), 65.66 (5-CH), 66.08 (2-CH), 101.00 (3-C), 101.61 (2-CH), 115.39 (4'-C[H.sub.2]) 138.66 (3'-C) 202.00 (1'-C).
Signal Processing 2-ch signal conditioning amplifier
Tenders are invited for Provision of Lab Equipment.10 EA - Digital Storage Oscilloscope; 100MHz; 2 GS/s; 2-ch; 2.5k record length; 5-yr warranty; Calibration Cert; Education Series; Mfr: Tektronix TBS1102B-EDU.
While Panasonic already has bi-directional 1-ch active optical connectors, the company will launch a new uni-directional 2-ch product that achieves high-speed transmission of large data at up to 16 Gbps to meet the need for larger data transmission.
As a result of the collection of sediment to a 2-ch recent artificial coastal areas of supply may be higher locally depth
1 Keysight DSO1052B Oscilloscope, 2-ch 50 MHz, 16 k Memory 12