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2-DTwo Dimensional
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However, separating a bulk crystal material into 2-D flakes for use in electronics has proven difficult to do on a commercial scale.
These are 2-D x-ray image acquisition, 3-D model reconstruction, and 3-D model visualization and analysis.
Also known as digital tomosynthesis, 3-D mammograms use the same X-ray machine as a 2-D mammogram but instead of capturing only one side and one front image of the breast, the higher-tech screening captures several images of the breast in slices.
The 2-D X-Ray market research report indicates that markets at $5 billion in 2014 will reach $16.9 billion by 2021.The market growth is fuelled with the increase in the ageing population's demand for diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
During the past few decades' 2-D (two-dimensional) systems have greatly attracted the attention of researchers due to their increasing application in many areas such as, digital signal processing (DSP), electrical transmission lines, digital image processing and process control [1-3].
The 2-D film, Hone explained, is "an elegant example of how the world becomes different when the size of material shrinks to the scale of a single atom."
In this section, 2-D DFT is applied for joint azimuth angle, elevation angle and polarization parameters estimation.
CT accumulates a large number of 2-D images taken from slightly different positions relative to the object.
Screen Digest analyst Charlotte Jones, who has been tracking the perf of 3-D screens, says the pub's numbers show 3-D screens still performing very strongly, selling 1 1/2 to 2 times the number of tickets that 2-D screens do for the same title.
Known as 2-D bar codes because they are scanned both horizontally and vertically, these new bar codes can deliver product reviews, video demos or any other tool a marketer has in its digital arsenal.