2-D FFTTwo Dimensional Fast Fourier Transform
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The 3-D intrawall imaging formulation in (15) can now be efficiently implemented in the following steps: (1) perform 2-D FFT to compute the spatial Fourier transform of the scattered field [[??].sub.s] ([k.sub.x], [k.sub.y], k); (2) multiply [[??].sub.s]([k.sub.x], [k.sub.y], k) with all the functions inside the inner integral except the exponential term exp(j[k.sub.x]x + j[k.sub.y]y); and (3) at each down range pixel z applies 2-D IFFT to evaluate the inner integral and then sums over all the frequencies to calculate the outer integral.
In the last step, 2-D FFT is used to form ISAR image of the target.
The 2-D FFT can also be used to compress image data, which is helpful when much of the information in an image is clustered in small bands of spatial frequency.