2-DOFTwo Degrees-Of-Freedom
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The appearance of the 2-DOF adaptive mechatronic module used to calibrate industrial robots is shown in Figure 2.b.
In what follows, the STMF is simulated via a 2-DOF mechanical model, based on certain simplifying assumptions.
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Weihai Chen, a professor at Beihang University's School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering in Beijing and one of the coauthors of the paper, elaborated on the 2-DOF approach.
In this study, backlash effects on a 2-DOF robotic balancing table are investigated to provide feedbacks for the developers to create more accurate systems.
In this paper, a model of frictional-induced oscillator with two degrees of freedom (2-DOF) on a speed-varying belt is proposed in which multiple discontinuity boundaries exist: they are caused by the presence of friction between the mass and the belt.
In addition, the driver generally shows more concerns with the vehicle's lateral and yaw motion during the steering process [29], and a 2-DOF vehicle model is adopted as the internal model.
(iii) the equivalent stiffness of the isolation system, evaluated considering the (undamped) free vibrations of the 2-DOF system.
For C3, the AMP is significantly greater (p < 0.001) for the 2-DOF target postures (hook, opposition, and pointer) than for the 1-DOF target postures (palmar, tip, and lateral prehension).