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202Request Accepted (HTTP status code; uncompleted request for processing)
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202 in Curzon Street might know what was going on in the house between them, the servants communicating through the area-railings; but Crawley and his wife and his friends did not know 200 and 202.
Jan 16-19, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Omni Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert St NW, 202.
Longbridge John England, 25, of Groveley Lane, fined pounds 202.
WHEREAS: The membership of the Institute has adopted rules 20l and 202 of the Rules of the Code of Professional Conduct, which authorizes the Council to designate bodies to promulgate technical standards with which members must comply, and therefore it is
New Opportunities in Section 202 -- Section 202 of the Housing Act of 1959 provides direct government loans and, more recently, grants to construct housing for the exclusive use of elderly persons.
As many long-term care operators know, Section 202 is the funding category of the public housing assistance act that specifically affects supportive housing for low-income elderly.
On Proposition 202, which is intended to put contingent-fee lawyers out of business, we are only giving up legal rights.
But in the peculiar, often-outrageous world of California's legal system, Proposition 202 could bring some welcome relief by creating an incentive to settle lawsuits in personal injury, wrongful death and other tort claims.
UC Berkeley Extension, Room 202, 1995 University Ave.
Telenetics Bell 202 is fully compatible with the one designed and manufactured by Motorola for many years.
The HOPE VI program, tax credit program and additional refinancing opportunities through Section 202 were among the key topics discussed at the Second Annual Affordable Housing Issues and Opportunities Seminar hosted by the Affordable Housing and Syndication Groups of the national law firm Nixon Peabody, LLP.