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203Non-Authoritative Information (HTTP status code)
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Administration, 76; whether to be shared by the whole community, 203
Rights of a citizen, whether advantageous or not, 203
It was in this war, too, that the Mikado's soldiers strung the costliest of all telephone lines, at 203 Metre Hill.
The factory will produce around 7.5 lakh of the most advanced rifles, the AK 203. This is a successor of the historic AK 47 which continues to be in service in many militaries across the world.
Counsel of Imran Khan replied section 203 added to fade out the effects of Panama decision.
Nearly 600 community members gathered for two Focus 203 sessions titled "A Community Conversation About Suicide."
203 does not explain what is meant by senior positions but it does provide examples.
On the back of the Asha 202 and 203 theresa basic 2-megapixel fixed-focus camera.
Vale of Glamorgan Council unanimously agreed to grant 203 Field Hospital - known as the Welsh Medics - the honour in recognition of their invaluable work in saving lives.
CLL 203 -- Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Essentials
"This sale was atypical for Edison," said Miller, "because we sold the fee at 203 Jay Street instead of doing a long-term ground lease, which is the way Edison has been disposing of its properties recently."
Section 5, the preclearance provision, and Section 203, the language assistance provision, have been effective, but are still needed and must be reauthorized.