21CN21st Century Network (BT Group, UK)
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Once a decision has been taken to make the transition, it is necessary to implement the strategy, and that is where project capabilities become more important or 'intense' (with BT establishing the BT 21CN Project for the transition).
A contract was finalized by the two parties, on May 30, 2006, under which Oracle offered database management software, intermediate software, and related facilites to CITIC 21CN; in return, a deposit of USD11 million was paid by CITIC 21CN to Oracle.
Following a strategic review of its plans for 21CN, BT has decided
Mr Eidman added: "BT and its 21CN is the driving force behind much of the new technology that is continuing to change the shape of this industry at a rapid pace.
--(2008a): Variations to BT's Undertakings under Enterprise Act 2002 in respect of 21CN, Space and power and OSS separation, 17 June, London: OFCOM.
(34.) Zan Aizong, "Zhibaozi" Beihou Zhenxiang Diaocha [Investigation of the Truth Behind the "Cardboard Stuffing Dumplings"], 21CN XINWEN WANG [21CN NEWS ONLINE], Aug.
Under 21CN, Entanet will collect traffic from all of the 20 WBC APs.
"Fujitsu and BT have had strong business ties for many years, and Fujitsu is a preferred supplier of BT's next generation network transformation programme the 21st Century Network (21CN)." said Ian Pulford, President and Representative Director, BT Japan Corporation.
(127.) Stephen McClelland, 21CN: Japan's 21st Century Network, TELECOMM.
BT investment across the North-east includes the multi-billion pound 21st Century Network (21CN) programme to provide the UK with an advanced communications infrastructure in the world, and the upgrading of all 181 telephone exchanges which has brought high-speed broadband services to virtually every home and business.
The upgrade is part of BT's multi-billion pound 21st Century Network (21CN), which enables access to wholesale broadband services with speeds up to three times the fastest speeds currently available for most UK consumers.
JDSU has announced that its service assurance solutions were selected by BT to help ensure efficiency and reliability during the first phase of its 21st Century Network (21CN) initiative to migrate from a public-switched telephone network (PSTN) to an all-IP next-generation network that will support advanced broadband technologies and services.